Hikvision Temperature Screening Solutions

Temperature Screening Solutions

Current Situation - Traditional methods like using the ear thermometer or mercury thermometer perform well in detecting people with abnormal skin-surface temperature. However, all of these methods have obvious and significant deficiencies:

Close Contact, High Risk - Close contact among users, leading to high risk of infection

High Cost, Low Efficiency - Lots of manpower invested | Person-by-person inspection is inefficient.

Difficult to Collect Statistics - Manual registration is required, which may lead to human error and not so timely feedback

Solution Value: Using machines instead of manpower alone is a much better choice in many aspects.

1. Reducing the contact among people. The detection process can be fast and convenient, as imperceptible as possible, and can minimize the impact on people's daily travel.

2. Effectively reducing manpower and the duration of skin-surface temperature measurement.

3. Producing real-time and accurate temperature measurement data for management and decision-making.

Solution Overview:

Solution 1 - Temperature Screening with Fast Deployment​ - Entrances with short-term requirements & Unsuitable for complicated wiring and installation.

1-1 Thermographic Cameras - Visualized Bi-spectrum Live View, With Thermographic Camera and Blackbody is optional.

1-2 Wireless Devices - Easy Connection, Cable Free and With Handheld Thermographic Camera

1-3 Metal Detector Doors - Real-time Sound and Light Alarm

Allication Scenarios: Entrance of schooland collages building, entrance of dormitory, entrance of supermarket, entrance of restaurent, Elevator hall of parking lots, entrance of office building, secuirty check at air port and entrance of terminal. It is highly efective solutions for school, retail, office building and airports. 

Solution 2 - Temperature Screening with Access Control  - Indoor space without wind, Security control and Temperature screening at the entrance which has a route to guide people flow, Touch-Free, Access is Easier but Safer & Entrance with Temperature screening face recognition terminal.

Allication Scenarios - Entrace of Offices, Entrance of Office Building and Entrane of Factory.

Solution 3 - Group Temperature Screening - Indoor open space without wind, Large people flow and Temperature screening on crowds. High-risk Group Screening with High Efficiency With Thermographic Bullet Camera.

Allication Scenarios - Railway Station, Airport and Factory.

Solution 4 - Temperature Screening on Patrol - Indoor open space without wind and Patrolling without a fixed route. Anytime, Anywhere, Just one click With Handheld Thermographic Camera.

Allication Scenarios - Workshop, Office and Classroom.

Solution 5 - Temperature Screening & Mask Detection - Indoor open space without wind and Face recognition with mask on. Intuitive Demonstration With Thermographic Camera & DeepinMind NVR.

Allication Scenarios - Collage, Office Building and Industry Park.

Hikvision Thermal Products:
1. Thermographic bullet camera
2. Thermographic turret camera
3. Black body Calibrator
4. Thermographic bullet camera (Pro)
5. Handheld thermographic camera
6. Temperature screening face recognition terminal
7. Metal detector door
8. DeepinMind NVR
9. POE switch




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